About Us

Shenzhen Yuelong Information Technology Co., Ltd is located in NO. H6E043B on the 6th floor, Xinhuaqiang E-World, Huaqiang North Street, Futian District, Shenzhen. 


Our company specializes in research, development, production and sales of water purifier circuit board, power adapter and TDS water quality tester. Adhering to the concept of the highest quality, the lowest price, the most efficient function and the best service, we are committed to providing all customers with the high-quality products.


Our company owns a strong R&D team, advanced production technology, professional testing organization. According to the clients’ requirements, our R&D team can customize unique products and offer one-stop service to solve your worries.


Enjoying 2,000 square meters anti-static dust-free production base, we have already obtained ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification. Japan panasoinc CM series four automatic high-speed chip production lines and a high-speed FUJI SMT lines, majority Nitto plug-in production line and assembly line, daily output of patch to reach 500 million, the plug-in daily output to reach 50 million points. Equipment for the new high-precision equipment, a variety of high-precision components, such as 0.3mm BGA chip, 0402,0201 RC unit and FPC flexible circuit board patch. Our technical and management backbone team, including the senior figures which are rehired from Guangzhou City and Shenzhen City in SMT field, has abundant technical strength and advanced management concept and completely work according to the standardized management model of the foreign-funded enterprise in Southern China so as to ensure the efficiency, rapid delivery and high quality.